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Dog Walking Policy  


For safety reasons, I DO NOT offer off leash hiking/walking or dog park visits.


Fence Policy


It is your responsibility to make sure your fence is not damaged if your dogs are let out under my care. If there are ‘holes’ or ‘big gaps’ on the bottom of the fence you are required to let me know. This is to make sure your dogs are not able to escape under my care. (If you have holes or big gaps, I will take precautionary methods to ensure safety of your dogs-using a leash if needed).

Key Policy

I require a working keys to enter your home besides a garage code, if one is available.  I will need to make sure I can open the door at the meet and greet due to doors opening differently in every household. There is a $10 charge to pick up /drop off.  

Payment Policy

Vacation Visits and Overnights:

I accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, check, Venmo and Paypal. 

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting Per Hour:  For new clients, payment is due at the time of booking, if known dates/times. We can discuss method of payment and come to an agreement if random days are needed. Please refer to above for methods accepted. For on going services, weekly or bi monthly auto billing is recommended through Paypal or Square. 


Cancellation Policy

Dog Walking and Pet Visits: 24 hour cancellation fee. (If cancelled less then 24 hours from the start no refund or credit will be applied unless the reason is out of your control)

Pet Sitting by the Hour Services: 5 day cancellation fee. (If cancelled less then 5 days before the service begins, there will be a 50% refund unless the reason is out of your control)

Over Night Services: 7 day cancellation fee. (If cancelled less then 7 days before the service begins, a 50% refund will be given.  (No refund will be given if cancelled during a holiday unless the reason is out of your control)


Minimum Visit for Vacations

  • I do not do every other day

  • I require three times a day for dogs who do not have access to a dog door and a fenced in yard

  • I require at least once a day for cat care and other small critters but suggest at least twice a day as many things can happen within a 24 hour period

Shared Pet Sitting

I do not job share due to liability reasons as well as for the safety of your pet(s). This means that no other person should share pet care including family, friends and/or tenants.


Emergency Vet Care


If your pet needs vet care, I will attempt to contact you first. If I am unsuccessful to contact you I will contact your emergency contact that you provided to me at the meet and greet. If I am unable to reach you or your emergency contact and the condition cannot wait, I will take your pet to your primary vet you listed with me. If they are not open or unavailable, I will bring them to the nearest vet clinic/hospital.


There is also a fee for me, to transport your pet to/or from the facility, and is based on time. It is required to let your vet know I will be caring for your pets as well as having a card on file with them or a payment plan set in place.




Driveways/Walkways:  Please consider my safety by removing any snow, ice and/or debris from all walkways or driveways before you leave on vacation.  If you are away, please have someone who can plow and shovel your driveway if bad weather is predicted. 


Pictures of your Pets:  Please let me know if you do NOT want me to post pictures of your pets on any social media or advertising.


Emergencies:  I can promise you that I will be the only one taking care of your pet and inside your home unless an emergency arises, and I need help to care for your pet.  We can discuss specifics at the meet and greet.     


Departure/Arrival:  I ask that you let me know when you leave your home and arrive home from vacation, so I can rest assured knowing you and your pets are safe! I need to know when you leave so I can plan my schedule accordingly. This can be done via a quick text, email or call.

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