Dog Walking Visit

I will drive to your home and take your dog(s) out for a walk or potty break if you can’t due to long hours at work, if you are unable to due to health concerns or maybe you want to go to that performance in the city.  I can even go to your work place and take your dog out while you continue working if your dog goes to work with you.  

Depending on the weather, number of dogs and mood I spend a minimum of 30 min whether its outside walking or staying inside and indirectly giving your dog exercise or just attention, love and a few treats if allowed! I also give new water during the visit. I will walk your dog(s) on leash or let them out in your yard if it is fenced in.  

Example: If it is rainy and your dog does not like the rain I will take him/her for a quick potty break and then spend the rest of the time playing ball or maybe just walking around your house with a treat in my pocket.  

A text will be sent when I arrive and leave as well as letting you know how it went along with a few photos, and maybe even a video! If texting is not an option, I will leave a note behind, instead. 




Home visits to care for your pets, NO BOARDING AVAILABLE

Free Meet and Greet Consultation for Pet Sitter Services!

Meet and Greet FREE Consultation (Mon-Fri)

I offer (and require) a free no obligation Meet and Greet. I highly recommend scheduling one as quickly as possible, so I can fit you into my schedule should you want to hire me. During this time, we will make sure that we are a good match, but especially make sure that your pets approve of me and vice versa! This meeting will allow me to meet you and your fur babies, go through your house to see where things are located and/or how things work depending on the service needed. I require taking your dog(s) for a walk with you so I can see the process before I accept the job as well. Please allow at least one hour, minimum but usually can take over 2 hours depending on services and number of pets.


Pet Sitting Visit For When You're Away!

Pet Sitting Visit

These visits are done when you’re away for the day or longer for vacation or at work and cant go home to care for your fur babies. They will be much happier and safer being cared for by me in their own environment rather then a boarding/kennel facility. Basic visit last at least 30 minutes each and include:

  • Fresh food, water and treats (if treats are okay)

  • Walking or potty time

  • Complete litter box care

  • Oral medications given

  • Administering insulin to cats

  • Bring in mail, papers, packages

  • Individual playtime and cuddles

  • A text to let you know I arrived and left and how it went

  • Several photos and videos sent via text or email

Overnight Pet Sitting includes a Slumber Party with your Pets!

Overnight Slumber Party

The overnight includes: the dinner visit, sleepover in your home and the morning visit.


I will be very happy cuddling in bed with them or on the couch and will stick to their schedule as much as possible.   

I can promise that I will leave your home as you left it as well.


Peace of Mind with Pet Sitting by the Hour

Pet Sitting Per Hour

Are you staying at a Airbnb, hotel or just want to get away for a few hours and have a puppy or new fur baby in the family? I can stay with them while you go out and have peace of mind that they are being taken care of with a customized plan depending on your plans and the mood and age of your pet(s). 

Pet Taxi Service for Appointments, Emergencies, Groomer, Trainer, or Day Care

Pet Taxi

If your pet needs to go to the Vet for appointments or emergencies, Groomer, Trainer, or day care, I can help!  I know that your fur babies are very special to you and sometimes you just can’t make the time to take them yourself due to work or don’t have an available vehicle.  

Holiday Pet Sitting Services Available


New Year's Eve

New Year's Day

Thanksgiving Day

Fathers Day

Mothers Day

Memorial Day


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year's Eve


Deluxe Dog Walks include Car Rides!

Deluxe Dog Walk

Does your dog like car rides? If so, I can take them in the car for an additional fee with all the amenities as a regular dog walk. If more then one dog, I will take them on separate rides and include time before and after for them to relieve themselves and get fresh water and treats, if allowed! Car ride time limit based on mood of dog and weather.