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Hi, I'm Becca, a Fear Free Certified Pet Sitter! I am Bonded and Insured in New York State.


From a very young age, animals have always been an important part of my life. I grew up in Rhinebeck near a farm with cows and goats. I would take my best friend Cupcake, a Golden Retriever, for walks on the trails near my house and sometimes just lay down with her while I told her all my problems. She was a great listener!


My philosophy is that animals are family. They are our best friends with emotions and feelings.


Due to a lot of down time because of the pandemic in 2020, I started a dog training program through Animal Behavior College and hope to be certified by the beginning of 2022. I plan on taking this education further and getting certified as a FEAR FREE dog trainer as well.  

Finding someone to care for your pet is a big decision. I hope you decide to go the next step and reach out to schedule a meet and greet!

*Because of my beliefs and education, I will not use any aversive tools including prong collars (metal or plastic), choke collars and e-collars. * 

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